The Puck Review was created for a wide variety of hockey fans. From those who have grown up watching and loving the game of hockey to others who may just be discovering the beauty of the sport now, The Puck Review has something for you.

What kind of information can I get from The Puck Review?

At The Puck Review, hockey fans will find a place where they have the ability to enrich their experience in the hockey world. Through book reviews, podcast and journalist suggestions, and much more, anyone who needs to know where to go for the best information on their favorite team, athlete or coach will be pointed in a direction tailored to each person’s unique preferences.

Hockey has risen in popularity across North America and the world as a whole, and it is important that there be some way to navigate the onslaught of information that can often be encountered when jumping into any sport. As fans from Las Vegas, Seattle and beyond begin to transition into the world of the National Hockey League, a place where one can turn to begin that journey on the right foot is more important now than ever.

This video might help clear things up a bit

But Jeremy, I already follow the NHL closely, what more is there to know?

I grew up an avid hockey fan myself. I began following the Boston Bruins from a young age, watching years of heartbreak that magically culminated with a Stanley Cup Championship in 2011. However, as I grew older and graduated from high school I realized that I loved much more than my home town team. To this day I become restless if I go more than a week or two without stepping on the ice.

Naturally, I did everything I could to stay informed on all aspects of the hockey world. I would read local and national journalists from across the continent, where I sparked an interest in every team from the LA Kings to those long-time rival Montreal Canadiens. I loved the teams, I loved the fans, I loved the wild celebrations. And my most recent fascination is with the pregame ceremonies the Vegas Golden Knights began showcasing before home playoff games.

The only problem I had was that the information I was looking for was not always easy to find. When searching for the right journalist to follow sometimes it takes a while to separate the homers from the objective thinkers, the ranters who like to stir the pot on a controversial issue from those who would rather tell a story that brings a different perspective to the game. Say you strictly follow the Pittsburgh Penguins but all of a sudden your favorite player Marc-Andre Fleury is picked up by Vegas in the expansion draft. Where do you go to follow his new journey? These are the issues that The Puck Review hopes to solve.

Maybe you will find something you weren’t even looking for

One thing I have learned from my own experience with following the hockey world through various forms of media is that sometimes I will stumble upon a book or a podcast completely by accident that turns out to be extremely interesting and informative, making me wish I had found it far sooner. My goal is that those accidentally pleasant encounters will become a regular occurrence for those who explore this site.

As I mentioned in my welcome post (which I suggest you read if you haven’t already), this site will also have the feeling of a blog where I document my own experiences in the hockey world from time to time. I am still learning with every new day and I hope that by sharing this part of my life with readers that I will provide a unique insight into the life of a hockey fan who wants nothing more than to share the game he loves with those willing to take the time to listen.