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This Week’s Podcast Review – Hockey Central at Noon

Something that has become increasingly popular in the hockey world over the last few years is podcasting. Podcasting gives a voice to anyone with a means of recording and access to the internet, and this accessibility means that the space has become somewhat saturated with content.

However, for those looking for a quality hockey podcast that covers the most up-to-date stories in the hockey world, Hockey Central at Noon is a great place to turn. The podcast is the audio form of the television program run by Sportsnet, a leading Canadian sports network based out of Toronto, and episodes are released every weekday throughout the duration of NHL season.


Hockey Central at Noon has a rotating cast that varies from episode to episode based on each member’s availability. It is most often hosted by broadcaster Daren Millard and features former players such as Nick Kypreos, Colby Armstrong and Marc Savard along with former NHL General Managers Gord Stellick and Doug MacLean. The team has most recently added Brian Burke, former president of hockey operations for the Calgary Flames, as an occasional guest analyst.


With a panel that constitutes such a wealth of hockey knowledge from various backgrounds across the sport, this podcast is a must-listen for any fan that is looking to expand his or her knowledge of the NHL, and various other professional and junior leagues as well.

I have to admit that when I started listening to the show it was a lot to handle at first. Sometimes the conversation becomes extremely technical and the panelists occasionally use words and names that are foreign to someone who may not have a strong knowledge of the league. I think the fact that every member of the show has an extensive background in hockey, whether that be at the playing or management level, sometimes makes it difficult for the beginner to follow along.

Occasionally the panel will discuss stories that they assume listeners are already somewhat familiar with. This style may work well for people who are very informed about stories around the league, but may not be suited for someone who is only a causal listener.

That being said, this podcast is still without a doubt a great source of information for any hockey fan, though it may be tailored slightly more towards a hardcore hockey junkie.

I should also note that due to the fact that hockey central is a Canadian podcast, it generally focuses more on the seven Canadian teams (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal). That being said, the show does a good job of covering teams from the United States as well, (though if your team isn’t very high in the standings they might not get much air time).

Difficulty Rating: Advanced

Language: Family Friendly

I would still recommend this podcast to fans just getting started in the hockey world, but be aware that it may be hard to follow at first if you do not have too much experience with the sport.

You can find Hockey Central at Noon on iTunes by clicking here

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